Mammoth Math

by Silvia Cochrane
(Harare, Zimbabwe. Africa)

I live in Zimbabwe Africa, and after our education system collapsed with so many teachers having left, we decided home schooling was the best way to go.

A math curriculum was our greatest challenge as we did not want our children to have to repeat the same thing over and over. We first requested Maria's free worksheets from Math Mammoth and when we saw how excited and how easy it was for our daughters to learn math we purchased the entire series, from blue to golden.

As we have a high school daughter, we also purchased the Make it Real Learning series. If ever there was a program that teaches your children/students, the basics and fundamentals of maths, then I must congratulate Maria Miller on this excellent program.

My daughters are now 10 and 16 we started this program when they were 8 and 14. I used the math program daily as the math curriculum for my children. What I did not like - there were insufficient examples at the higher level, but I overcame this by purchasing teacher math books.

Overall, I give this program a rating of 8/10. It has made my life easier and my children now understand math and are progressing wonderfully.

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